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    Our solar reflective glass is produced by coating one or more layers of metal or compound thin film on float glass by way of vacuum magnetron sputtering. The major function of the coating is to control the reflection, transmission and absorption of direct solar radiation at desirable ratio, and to produce the needed reflective colors. These qualities enable it to be processed (e.g. tempered, laminated, bent, enameled etc.), while still retaining its aesthetic and technical benefits.


    The improved durability and coating processing flexibility makes our solar reflective glass for all types of constructions, whether for major architectural projects or smaller buildings:

    Commercial office buildings

    Verandas and skylights

    Residential high-rises


    - Energy savings for air conditioning

    - Large range from transparent to darkest on clear, green or blue glass

    - Easy to store, handle and process coated glass

    - Temperable and bendable

    - Possible combination with our CL on face 3 for a more efficient thermal insulation

    - Can be used as single panel


    Dimensions of standard sheet: 2440x3660mm (96"x144")

    2540x4800mm (100"x189")

    2540x3300mm (100"x130")

    2440x3300mm (96"x130")

    Thickness: 3 mm -19 mm (1/8"to 3/4")

    Code compliance: GB/T18915.2


    ASTM C1376

    The other thicknesses and sizes may be available upon request.