• New Collection 2021 Sintered Stone


    Products Information

    SINTERED STONE: Wolverine of Building Materials,

    Composition of sintered stone:

    Based on 100% natural composition of three groups of elements, minerals derived from granite: quartz and feldspar, giving strength and firmness; minerals derived from glass and quartz, providing stability; natural oxides, providing personality color.

    Sintered stone’S Characteristics : Big, light and thin.

    The special process of sintered stone can be made into super large specification, very thin thickness (3000*1000*3mm), which has unprecedented physical and mechanical properties in the architectural industry. At the same time, the same color has a variety of thickness options, respectively, 3mm, 6mm, 12mm

    Non-toxic and radiation-free

    Pure natural material selection, 100% recyclable, non-toxic and radiation-free, but also fully consider the needs of human sustainable development, rock slabs also have GREENGUARD (indoor air quality certification), LEED (green building) and other certification.